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RE: UUNet down

Hi Jason,

I'm a Tech for a local ISP in central USA. 

We really don't have an offical way to tell them it's not us. Usualy
when someone starts getting us confused with AT&T, UUNET, Verio, or any
other group like that, I will explain to them in as simple a way as I
can how their internet is routed and how UUNET would affect them in
getting what they want. Basically as long as I talk to the customer and
explain where the problem is and how it affects my company as a whole as
well as them, they accept it. 

I would probably refrain from putting anything on your home page. If you
post something people tend not to read it or they think you are trying
to shift blame of a problem(that's yours) away from yourself and onto
someone else.

Hope that helps you a little bit.


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Hi all,

Ugh... even though we're not in the USA, these UUnet problems still
affect us, because we're getting so many calls from USA clients telling
us OUR network is dead and dying, when in fact it is their own :-/

Are you getting the same kind of problems?

We're reluctant to add this to our front page website, because we're
concerned people will think it is OUR problem (even if we specifically
state it is UUnet's).

So how do you guys handle this kind of situation smoothly?


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