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Apache / SUEXEC on woody...

Heya all..

I'm having trouble with Apache/SUEXEC on my woody system..  I have some
vhosts that need to run their own cgi scripts.  This all works fine,
until I add User/Group directives into the VirtualHost configuration.

I have a ScriptAlias directive and Options +ExecCGI on the directory's
options (have also tried with only one of each, instead of both).  The
files are owned by the user/group that I am trying to have them run as,
but I get the following error in suexec.log:

[2002-10-14 01:29:28]: info: (target/actual) uid: (justin/justin) gid:
(justin/justin) cmd: index.py
[2002-10-14 01:29:28]: error: command not in docroot

The DocumentRoot in this case would be /site.com/www/, and the
ScriptAlias /site.com/cgi-bin/.

Any help would be much appreciated! :)


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