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Re: Converting /home/* from Susie to Debian

At 06:40 AM 10/23/2002 +1300, Thing wrote:
>write a script?
>way more reliable and obviously way quicker

Thanks, yes I agree, we have already written a couple of scripts to import
the various info we need brought across.

I've decided to stay with client.one-group.  Thanks all who replied, I'll
put Susie to bed now:)


>On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 00:25, Garry Byrne wrote:
>> We are converting our main mail/web server over from a Susie box to Debian.
>> Under Susie ownership on /home/client are client.users and the standard
>> debian is client.client     We have around 3000 clients so we will be
>> adding an extra 3000 groups to keep with the standard Debian client.client
>>  Can anyone see this as a problem?  having a large group file?
>> Thanks
>> Garry
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