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Re: Memory leak on reload when the 'Pg' driver is preloaded

Juha-Mikko Ahonen wrote:
I looked into it with the following setup:
apache 1.3.26-0woody1
libapache-mod-perl 1.27-2 postgresql 7.2.1-2woody2

There was a Test.pm module handling all requests for /. It opened a connection to the database and fetched a couple of rows.

With DBI->install_driver('Pg'), the Apache processes stayed at 8.4 MB. I bombarded the Apache with ApacheBench and multiple SIGUSR1 but I found no memory leaks. The process sizes did not change.

The interesting thing I see here is that you are using a different libapache-mod-perl version. I'm using the one from stable. I hesitate to install yours (from unstable), since apt-get wants to upgrade all of perl (a whole *bunch* of shit), and I'm not keen on the idea of permanently tracking unstable with something as complex as Perl and its dependents. I mean, crap, it even wants to upgrade libc6. Last time I tried, downgrading libc6 was not fun. I'm guessing you might find it difficult to downgrade as well, since you probably have Perl 5.8. Any ideas?

I'm pretty tired at the moment, so there might have been something I mislooked. I'll give it another look tomorrow. At work, where I don't have any distractions :)

I appreciate you looking at this. But it's mainly for the maintainer at this point...

It's pretty odd, in my view, that the Apache processes which did not preload the Pg driver were smaller.

Why would that be odd?  Seems intuitively right to me.

Keith, could you post results to modperl list if people at debian-isp come to a different (or to the same) solution. I'm not subscribed to the list.

Will do, for sure.

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