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Re: Moving from BSDi

At 12:47 PM 10/28/2002 -0800, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
>Here is my script I used a couple years ago. (I don't advocate Linux over
BSD. I do advocate freedom of choice.)

I think I will try this script, THANK YOU. The biggest problem, which I think we have all talked about is that BSDi starts at userid 100. I think I can modify the
script to redo the userid count.

>I have used Debian for X workstations, X servers, DNS, mail, spam
filtering, website hosting, radius, ldap, samba, printer servers, etc.

I have BSDi for DNS, Radius, Sendmail, FTP and Web. I put up a Mandrake 8.2 box this summer on an IBM Netfinity Server and while the speed is impressive, the fact I have to kick it every few days is not. Cron jobs stop running with no mention in the log files, ftp shuts down, etc. I tried Red Hat 7.3 for a new mail server, but as
mentioned here yesterday it failed.

This is interesting. I can understand concerns with the commercial BSD/OS
(especially over past 1.5 years).

BSDi seemed to lack innovation after 1996. The product is solid, but expensive and when they started the license key with the 3.0 version I did not see any great innovation to compensate for that. It seemed they spent more time trying to get the license key
to work.

But what are the "performance" issues you have found?

By performance I mean a couple of things. Time to deliver mail, time to query a database,
time to dynamically create a web page, ftp transfer speed, etc.

(By the way, if you are already a BSD administrator, it is easy to move
from BSD/OS to NetBSD or FreeBSD).

I had also considered that, but FreeBSD does not support my hardware (IBM ServerRAID2).


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