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[RE: Forced DHCP setup]

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Subject: RE: Forced DHCP setup
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 14:59:50 -0700
Thread-Topic: Forced DHCP setup
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> I don't believe it's possible to have a user log in to get an IP.

It is possible, in hotels that have broadband in rooms, and on some
university campuses I've been too they have a DHCP server setup to serve
addresses from a private block.  On that network there is a webserver
setup to intercept any http request coming from a client in the private
block and redirect the user to a page where he/she has to login.  On
login a cgi (or some such) makes a change in the DHCP database to
allocate the user a "real" IP.  The user gets instructions on the
ensuing webpage to do a release/renew and boom they are setup.

A lot of hotels and public areas use a box from Nomadix that will accept
ANY ip that a client has, even duplicates, and allow the client to
maintain the ip that's set. This is particularly excellent when Joe
Traveller plugs into the wall outlet with his laptop from the office
that's configured for and the hotel uses for it's normal DHCP range. These nomadix boxes do
nearly all their work based on MAC address and don't really care what ip
anyone has. Same for DNS queries, it sees a DNS query anywhere on the
network? It answers.  Sending mail? Port 25 gets pushed through the
Nomadix too. It's all at the MAC layer for those devices.

That would be a great way to make what you want work, is at the MAC
layer instead of the IP layer. Of course, it's a lot more work as it's
less common, but I think someone mentioned NoCatAuth in the thread -
pursue that - it might be helpful. 

The Nomadix info is proprietary and not Open Source.... can't use that. 



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