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Re: Adjusting php flags on a site by site basis.

On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 05:18:41PM +0100, Fred Clausen wrote:
> I am trying to adjust the following variables on a site by site basis :
> magic_quotes_gpc
> magic_quotes_runtime
> This is through httpd.conf not php.ini. I am doing the following to
> attempt to accomplish this :
> <Directory /var/www/hosts/www.site.com>
> php_flag magic_quotes_gpc true
> php_flag magic_quotes_runtime true
> </Directory>

Sometimes php seems picky how the value is specified. It seems to
depend on the specific ini variable you want to set and the php
Try using "on", "off", "1" or "0" and see if that works.
I turn of the magic quotes in the httpd.conf using

php_flag magic_quotes off

The session.use_cookie variable wants a 1 or 0 (just as an example).

Some ini variables are only settable via php_admin_flag and
php_admin_value insted of php_flag and php_value.

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