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Re: Odd network behaviour

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002 12:15, Statu Nascendi wrote:
> Maybe you can get through this without changing your hardware, by enqueing
> the outgoing packets on the linux box, not on the modem.
> This can be done using QOS - cbq or tbf (which have to be compiled in the
> kernel or as modules) to slow down and enqueue the packets going out
> through the ppp. You also need iproute2(tc is the program that you really
> need) to configure the packet scheduler's behaviour. Documentation can be
> found at http://lartc.org or http://vasile.lantech.ro/pub/Manuale/lartc.pdf
> (the last one is saved on my computer at home but is available 24/7 and
> you'll find some good examples there - see section, - you
> should try this first and more examples if you really want to learn bout
> the power embedded in the linux kernel ;)) )

If (as I suspect) the problem is the kernel being too busy to process serial 
port interrupts (or polling if it's really cheap hardware) then queuing 
packets isn't going to help.  The problem will be on receiving, and it will 
be the spacing of data within a packet.

Using a lower serial port speed might help...

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