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Re: Problems with horde-imp under postgresql

Quoting UnKnown <rak@burst.fcien.edu.uy>:

> Hi all, again, I'm having some troubles configuring the imp,
> after traying allmost evrything,

This is about the only real problem that I have had
with Debian in years of running it on my servers.

When I was upgrading some time in May I think, IMP would
not work with PostgresSQL. I did try for about a week
with the users getting restless.

> So, if you got any idea is well came.

Give up and go for MySQL.

>From my perception, the problem is
the user / table creation / access is not abstract enough.
e.g. There is no general "Debian" way to create a database user.

The IMP developer has to recode for each database and changes
in migrating of each to Debian could be breaking some thing
that does work on other platforms.

Is it a deb-conf, apt or .. what kind of problem?

After moving to mySQL I have had no problems and think
MySQL is more than good enough for this application.


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