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Moving from BSDi

Hi gang-

I have several BSDi and FreeBSD servers here that are beyond repair and I had planned to move them to Linux by now, but I am running into a few problems and wanted to run them by the crew here for some thoughts. Please note, I am new to Debian, I was using Mandrake and Red Hat, but discovered "very odd" behavior in them so I built a Debian box and in my
tests it blew the pants off every one else.

First, does anyone know of a way to export the user accounts on BSDi and import them into
a Debian box?  I have close to 5,000 accounts I need to bring over.

Second, of the ISP's on this list, what are you using Debian for? Everything? DNS, Mail, web? I am running an ISP now and am seriously considering looking Debian to be my new work
horse after a sad display of performance of the above mentioned.



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