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Software backup (was: New approach with removable IDE RAID Backup)

Hi Ramin Motakef!!!

> > Benefits:
> >  - Cheaper: RAID Controller (300?) + Drive Bay (200?) + 4 drives (100? pro
> >    60GB) are about 900?. This is more than competable with DAT/DDS3 and even
> >    more with DLT tape drives.
> >  - Faster and easier when restoring. Obviously, just mount it.
> >  - More capacity per medium. Splitting up across several media makes things
> >    complicated.
> We use a (cold) removable IDE Drive for Backups of our Servers for
> some months now and are very happy with it. Setup is as follows:
> 2 removable 120GB IDE-Drives, one build in a normal Office PC (+ extra
> network cards), one at home. 
> Drives are changed every week.

 What software do you use to do backups with IDE Drives??

 I am going to buy a 3ware card and 4 IDE drives (160 GB) to do a RAID 5.

 What software (free or commercial) can i use????

 The architecture will be a server (with the raid) an several clients, mostly
Linux, but posibly solaris (and perhaps some windows :-(

 Thanks in advance...

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