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Re: Easy way to control .forward files?

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 20:36, Olivier Macchioni wrote:

> > 2) Turn on/off spam tagging
> > 3) Turn on/off virus scanning

> For #2, I'm planning to use procmail / spamassassin. Patches for
> procmail+MySQL are available here : http://www.posixnet.org/index1.html.
> *not tested*
> For #3, which anti-virus are you using ? *If* it acts like a SMTP server
> and *If* you can set a per-user-relayhost on postfix, then the MySQL
> solution *should* be OK. 
> Another solution could be to redirect foo@mydomain.com to 
> foo@anti-virus.mydomain.com for users who want some virus scanning.

No knowing any virus products, but is there any reason why these two
items shouldn't be very similar?

(Oh, and if you want to go fance:

switch between virus/spam tagging(subject)/tagging(header)/filtering


-- vbi

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