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Adjusting php flags on a site by site basis.

Hi all,

I am trying to adjust the following variables on a site by site basis :


This is through httpd.conf not php.ini. I am doing the following to
attempt to accomplish this :

<Directory /var/www/hosts/www.site.com>
php_flag magic_quotes_gpc true
php_flag magic_quotes_runtime true

I am also not trying to use .htaccess to adjust these variables. However
when I use <? phpinfo(); ?> to see if the changes have taken effect, it
shows :

magic_quotes_gpc off
magic_quotes_runtime off

And the site does not work as expected indicating that those options have
not taken effect. I had stopped and started Apache after editing the
config file (httpd.conf).

Any information as to what the best way to accomplish this would be
appreciated. I am using Debian Woody.

Regards, Fred.

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