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Re: apache broke

On 30 Oct 2002, Michael Knorra wrote:

> Teun Vink <teun@moonblade.net> writes:
> > Ah ok thankx, I'll check that. Too bad the main site which I host on that
> > machine is a webmail application using php+imap :(
> Bjoern.Falkenhagen said, that he has got a fixed imap.so module at
> ftp://ftp.falkenhagen.net. Didn't check it.. perhaps you can try this.

Thanks, I will look into that.

> > For now, I've downgraded libc6, which was a lot of fun ;-)
> That was the first thing I have done, but the emacs didn't work
> anymore with that :-(

Hehe I saw postfix, ssh, proftpd and imap die after downgrading libc6 and
some other packages. Luckily, restarting those services did the trick.


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