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Re: Using testing (sarge) in production.

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Fred Clausen wrote:

> Hi all,
> I read Teun Vink's posting about his Apache problems with unstable. I am
> currently using a mixture of stable and testing in production systems,
> depending on which versions of the applications I require. What are your
> experiences with testing in production environments? I have not had any
> problems but I would like to know others' experience. Most of our
> production systems are web/database systems.


We try to minimize the use of testing, but in some cases we had no real
other option, since we really needed woody stuff when potato was still
stable, and backporting would imply backporting way too many packages to
keep the systems stable.

Up 'till now, we haven't had many problems with running testing in
production, although I must say that we started using testing (before
woody was released), when it was pretty mature.

For now, all we're still planning to migrate some of our more complicated
machines to woody. We're not running testing on production machines yet,
and I don't see many reasons for now to do so, but all will depend on how
fast Debian will release their next release...


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