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Re: blocking trough MAC Address

that's from the howto -
Other Match Extensions
The other two extensions in the netfilter package are demonstration
extensions, which (if installed) can be invoked with the `-m' option.

  This module must be explicitly specified with `-m mac' or `--match mac'.
It is used for matching incoming packet's source Ethernet (MAC) address, and
thus only useful for packets traversing the INPUT and FORWARD chains. It
provides only one option:


    followed by an optional `!', then an ethernet address in colon-separated
hexbyte notation, eg `--mac-source 00:60:08:91:CC:B7'. "

be careful what you wish for ...

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Subject: blocking trough MAC Address

> Hi people, does any body knows if there is a soft like iptables, but
> of blocking using ip's, block an specific MAC address.
> Thanks,
> rak
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