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Re: Problems with horde-imp under postgresql


Horde/Imp/PostgreSql works perfect.

In our Company we have this installation, specially we have installed
the tar.gz files from horde.org

Unpack the horde.tar.gz (v2.0) into your webroot, the imp into the

Your problem is, the access-permissions in the file pg_hba.conf.
The difference between mysql and postgresql is, that you define the
access-permission in that file and NOT in the database.

If you db and your horde installation is on the same host, then you can
put the following lines to this file.

local        all                                           password
host         all           password

Put this lines in front of the other settings oder comment them out.

In my opinion this concept is much more powerfull than the

Our installation was tested about over 10 weeks successfully and will go
in production next time.

Greeting Sven

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