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Re: Odd network behaviour

On Wed, 2 Oct 2002 05:02, Simon Bland wrote:
> I've recently upgrade my desktop and I've noticed some odd behaviour
> with my network since then.. My machine is currently acting as the
> gateway for a small home LAN, I'm running dnsmasq to handle the
> forwarding and iptables for the firewall.
> The odd behaviour is that any time my machine is under load the network
> cuts out all together, or only about 1 in 50 or so packets gets back
> from a ping.
> I should probably clarify that a little, the LAN side seems to work
> fine, it's the PPP interface thats locking up when I'm under load, which
> is sorta strange being that the modem is about the only thing I didn't
> change.

I used to have the same problem on a 386-25 with a 19K2 modem (38K4 port 
speed) on a serial port without a 16550 buffered UART.  When the machine was 
not under load it could respond fast enough to interrupts, when the hard 
drive was busy it missed characters and all the data it received was 

This is a symptom of hardware that sucks.

The pre-emptable kernel patch may alleviate this.  But improving the hardware 
is the only real solution.

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