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Re: LSB and Debian, Commercial perspective

Marcel Hicking wrote:
> Does the LSB _force_ Debian to use rpm?
> If not, great! Both LSB certification AND dpkg/apt would be perfect.

Again, please read the README.Debian in Debian's lsb package. For

  The "alien" package supports LSB packages on Debian.  For example, to
  install an LSB package "lsb-mozilla-1.2-1_i386.rpm", type (as root):

  alien -i lsb-mozilla-1.2-1_i386.rpm

  Ideally, the package should be converted to a Debian package and then
  installed by dpkg.  If this fails, there may be a problem with either
  the lsb package (most likely) or alien (less likely), and you should
  contact the vendor of the lsb package to resolve the problem.

Installing packages in that way is completly LSB complient; 
.rpm != /usr/bin/rpm.

Debian is working toward LSB certification, I myself have put 1.5 man
months of effort into it already. Kibitzing on a mailing list is not
likely to make it happen sooner, if you want to help I suggest you
contact the current point man on this, Anthony Towns, find out what the
current sticking point is and work to resolve it. The deviations listed
in the abovementioned README.Debian and the bugs listed at
http://people.debian.org/~joeyh/lsbtest/current/ would probably be a
good starting point.

see shy jo

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