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Re: LSB and Debian, Commercial perspective

Dear Joey,

This package provides an implementation of version 1.1.0 of the Linux
Standard Base for Debian on the Intel x86 architecture with the Linux
kernel. Future revisions may support the LSB on additional architectures
and kernels.

The intent of this package is to provide a best current practice way of
installing and running LSB packages on Debian GNU/Linux. Its presence does
not imply that we believe that Debian fully complies with the Linux
Standard Base, and should not be construed as a statement that Debian is

That does not address what I was talking about. _EVEN IF_ Debian had a
hack or such which allowed it to appear compatible/compliant, it isn't
certified, is it? And back to my original topic... if it isn't officially
compliant, vendors won't support it.

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Jason Lim wrote:
> What are your thoughts on this?

I think you should perhaps apt-get install lsb and read the

see shy jo

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