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Re: Spamd not accessing MySQL database

Actually, I am also using Request-Tracker on that machine, and it has no
problems connecting to "localhost". I don't even see any indication of an
attempt to connect in the mysql.err log files.

From: "Gavin Hamill" <gdh@acentral.co.uk>
> > I have restarted all daemons several times but /var/log/mysql.log shows
> > accesses coinciding with scanned messages.
> The only thing I can think of is the 'localhost' specified in the DBI
> connect string is trying to connect on to TCP port 3306. Debian
> disables TCP connections for MySQL by default...
> ...
> I used "-q -x" and it works great - I don't know if spamd's arg-processing
> prefers it that way.

I'll give the "-q -x" a try and see ifn that solves the problem. Thanx.

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