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Re: Apache / SUEXEC on woody...

On 16 Oct 2002 06:55:05 -0500
Justin Ryan <justin@gnubian.org> wrote:

> Heya all..
> I'm having trouble with Apache/SUEXEC on my woody system..  I have some
> vhosts that need to run their own cgi scripts.  This all works fine,
> until I add User/Group directives into the VirtualHost configuration.

Hey Justin. 

I've gone through nearly the same thing a few months ago...

Be sure to hit this page if you haven't already. 

In your case, I think the docroot that the error is referring to is not the docroot for the virtual host, but the docroot under which suexec is set to run. 

>From above page
Define as the DocumentRoot set for Apache. This will be the only hierarchy (aside from UserDirs) that can be used for suEXEC behavior. The default directory is the --datadir value with the suffix "/htdocs", e.g. if you configure with "-- datadir=/home/apache" the directory "/home/apache/htdocs" is used as document root for the suEXEC wrapper.

I had to recompile suexec with docroot set differently before it would work properly. 

I don't know what the suexec docroot is with the stock Apache compile on debian, that might be worth investigating. 

Dustin Douglas
Free The Lapland Six!!!

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