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Problems with horde-imp under postgresql

Hi all, again, I'm having some troubles configuring the imp, after traying
allmost evrything, I still recive the same error when opening the imp page


Warning: Unable to connect to PostgresSQL server: FATAL 1: IDENT
authentication failed for user "hordemgr" in /etc/horde/db_pgsql.inc on line

Warning: 0 is not a PostgresSQL link index in /etc/horde/db_pgsql.inc on
line 52

The user hordemgr exist the password is double check, y work this several
times, permisions ar as follow, default by the way...

horde=# \dp
       Access privileges for database "horde"
      Table      |         Access privileges
 active_sessions | {=,postgres=arwdRxt,hordemgr=arw}
 auth_user       | {=,postgres=arwdRxt,hordemgr=arw}
 auth_user_md5   | {=,postgres=arwdRxt,hordemgr=arw}
 imp_addr        | {=,postgres=arwdRxt,hordemgr=arw}
 imp_pref        | {=,postgres=arwdRxt,hordemgr=arw}
(5 rows)


So, if you got any idea is well came.


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