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Re: Moving from BSDi

At 03:31 PM 10/29/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>1. (on BSDi), run pwunconv to convert to non-shadowed passwd file

I don't have that utility on any of my BSDi machines, scanning Google for
it now.

i wouldn't (voluntarily) use anything else.

actually, i still have a few solaris boxes, but they're considered
legacy machines (i.e. they'll keep running as they are until they die or
until we switch them over to debian).  for the last few years, all our
new servers have been debian.

I hear you, these BSDi boxes have been wonderful and I was hoping for the
same stability under Linux.  BSDi went away because of lack of innovation,
but there has to be a fine line between cutting edge and a reliable machine.
I need to offer my clients good service, not the latest and greatest innovation
that has not been tested.  To me it appears Debian has reached this level,
solid and innovative.


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