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postfix-mysql problems ...help

I have been tearing my hair out trying to get postfix and a virtual mail
solution setup
and working here at our small isp. Not only is there a lack of docs but
I was wondering
if you could help me, im almost positive yesterday when I attempted to
postfix-mysql package , that when it did install it created a :
main.cf file with support for transport.cf / uids.cf / gids.cf /
aliases.cf and 
mysql-virt.cf and then when i viewed the directory the files were
created also 
transport.cf / uids.cf / gids.cf / alisaes.cf / mysql-virt.cf and they
were all confd
to work the database 'maildb' was created and all..
but I was attempting to get vmail-sql working with a different setup so
i moved all those 
files away, but now on a completely new debian box and i go apt-get
install postfix-mysql
it installs the base postfix with the mysql library file and no conf
files ????
is anyone able to explain this ? or am i crazy...ive searched for the
file mysql-virt.cf 
through packages.debian.org and have been unable to find it hiding in
any package in case
it was something extra I installed and completely forgot about..

all help appreciate stared so long at it, i dont know if its something
simple i missed
or what...

Please feel free to contact us with any further queries.
Thank You
Mario Zuppini
Systems Administrator
Total Cybersolutions
PO BOX 2081
Windsor QLD 4030
Phone : +617-3861-0882
Fax: +617-3861-0884

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