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Re: Forced DHCP setup

Mangling arround and all, maybe its good to discuss this idea here...

1.- Suppose i give you a list of mac addresses and the assigned ips they
should have....

2.- If one makes that assumption, u guys think this would be a good way
to go at it (admin wise, mantainership...etc.):
	a) Make a script that generates dhcpd3.conf
	b) Make a script that generates iptables commands
		iptables -A input -s  $IP_USER -m mac 
			--mac-source $MAC_USER -j accept
		#all others reject
	c) Have your squid rules reflect the change:
		#dont remember, but squid blocks by mac
		acl accepted_macs $MAC_USER1...$MAC_USER_N
		acl accepted_ips $IP_USER1.....$IP_USER_N
		http_access allow auth_pam acceed_macs accepted_ips
		http_access deny

Mhm... not shure if squid works that way but u get the idea.... it looks
horrible from the admin POV, maybe u guys can think of a better way...


El mié, 30-10-2002 a las 15:39, Alex Borges (lex) escribió:
> Hey... I want to tie up users to ip addresses and machines. This way i
> can easyly mangle bandwith, squid acls and lots of stuff through my
> woody box....
> So im thinking maybe the solution is to force users to obtain ip's from
> dhcp and, i users take an ip for which they have no lease, bloack them
> with iptables or somwthing...
> Im thinking this is probably an old trick so im asking here for pointers
> and stuff as i parallely STFW for this setup... ne ideas?
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> Step One Group
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