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+1 (Re: Making Debian available) Re: -1 (Re: Making Debian available) Re: Release status of i386 for Bullseye and long term support for 3 years? [FIXED] Re: Network and KDE lost after testing upgrade About lintian Added hundreds of media types to /etc/mime.types Re: bits from the release team: bullseye freeze started and its architectures Re: Bug#978636: move to merged-usr-only? Bug#978951: ITP: golang-github-bep-godartsass -- Go API backed by the native Dart Sass Embedded executable Bug#979071: ITP: neci -- Full Configuration Interaction Quantum Monte Carlo Code Bug#979109: ITP: loggedfs -- Logging file system Re: Bug#979152: RFP: ueberzug -- a command line util which allows to draw images on terminals by using child windows Bug#979194: ITP: syllabipy -- Collection of universal syllabification algorithms (Python library) Bug#979195: ITP: pylzss -- Python library for the LZSS compression algorithm Bug#979196: ITP: paq -- Python library for the paq9a compression algorithm Bug#979197: ITP: distance -- Python library for comparing sequences Bug#979198: ITP: pyxdameraulevenshtein -- Fast Damerau-Levenshtein (DL) edit distance implementation Bug#979199: ITP: py-stringmatching -- Library of string tokenizers and similarity measures Bug#979200: ITP: three-merge -- Perform a 3-way merge between strings at a character level (Python library) Bug#979201: ITP: abydos -- Python NLP/IR library of phonetic algorithms, string distances and more Bug#979202: ITP: pyls-black -- Black plugin for the Python Language Server Bug#979203: ITP: pyls-spyder -- Spyder plugin for the Python Language Server Bug#979204: ITP: textdistance -- Python library for calculating distances between sequences Bug#979236: ITP: golang-github-nxadm-tail -- Go package for reading from continuously updated files Bug#979239: ITP: node-toggle-selection -- Toggle current selected content in browser Bug#979240: ITP: arduino-ctags -- Arduino fork of exuberant ctags Bug#979241: ITP: cawbird -- GTK Twitter client Bug#979251: ITP: golang-github-netflix-go-expect -- expect-like golang library to automate terminal/console interactions Bug#979262: ITP: golang-github-hinshun-vt10x -- vt10x terminal emulation backend Bug#979271: ITP: golang-github-alecaivazis-survey -- golang library for building interactive prompts Bug#979326: ITP: crust -- SCP firmware for sunxi SoCs Bug#979330: ITP: node-gulp-tsb -- A gulp plugin for very fast TypeScript compilation. Bug#979336: ITP: python-groestlcoin-hash -- Groestlcoin hash algorithm Bug#979346: ITP: golang-github-go-co-op-gocron -- easy and fluent Go cron scheduling Bug#979349: ITP: htmltoxbel -- htmlToXBel allows you to convert bookmarks stored in the HTML format to the XBel format. Bug#979351: ITP: golang-github-goombaio-namegenerator -- random name generator implementation in Golang Bug#979356: ITP: golang-github-appleboy-gin-jwt -- JWT middleware for the Gin framework Bug#979359: ITP: golang-github-prometheus-prom2json -- tool to scrape a Prometheus client and dump the result as JSON Bug#979365: ITP: sass-stylesheets-sass-extras -- useful utilities for working with Sass Bug#979389: ITP: golang-github-go-openapi-inflect -- golang library providing functions applying grammar rules to English words Bug#979391: ITP: golang-github-facebook-ent -- entity framework for Go Bug#979400: ITP: drs -- DRS4 Evaluation Board software Bug#979404: ITP: sass-stylesheets-neat -- lightweight and flexible Sass grid Bug#979424: ITP: sass-stylesheets-typey -- framework for working with typography in sass Bug#979425: ITP: sass-stylesheets-gutenberg -- mixins for Sass for print-optimized styling Bug#979444: ITP: go-dlib -- Go bindings for Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE). Bug#979464: ITP: qbrz -- Qt frontend for breezy Bug#979471: ITP: golang-github-aymerick-douceur -- Simple CSS parser and inliner in Go Bug#979472: ITP: golang-github-chris-ramon-douceur -- A simple CSS parser and inliner in Go Bug#979473: ITP: golang-gitlab-gitlab-org-labkit -- A minimalist library to provide functionality for Go services at GitLab Bug#979476: ITP: dde -- meta package for Deepin Desktop Environment Bug#979550: ITP: deepin-artwork -- Deepin Artwork Bug#979568: ITP: kontrast -- check contrast ratio between 2 colors Bug#979576: ITP: node-babel-plugin-lodash -- Modular Lodash builds without the hassle Bug#979587: ITP: ts-jest -- Node.js preprocessor with source maps support to help use TypeScript with Jest Bug#979646: ITP: thola -- A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices. Bug#979647: ITP: nesi -- Network Equipment Simulator (NESi) Re: Bug#979685: RFP: windonesian -- Indonesian dictionary words for /usr/share/dict Re: Bug#979718: RFP: rduty -- easily run commands on remote or local hosts and devices Bug#979755: RFA: coyim Bug#979808: ITP: r-cran-statcheck -- GNU R functions for extraction of statistics from articles and recomputing p values Bug#979844: ITP: usockets-dev -- miniscule async eventing, networking & crypto library Bug#979846: ITP: bazel -- Tool to automate software builds and tests Bug#979849: ITP: golang-github-cli-browser -- helpers to open URLs, files, or readers in a web browser Bug#979852: ITP: usockets-dev -- miniscule async eventing, networking & crypto library Bug#979858: ITP: golang-github-henvic-httpretty -- Prints HTTP requests made with Go pretty on your terminal Bug#979860: ITP: purritobin -- ultra fast, minimalistic, encrypted command line paste-bin Bug#979861: ITP: uwebsockets-dev -- simple, secure & standards compliant web server Bug#979872: ITP: r-cran-ggmap -- Spatial Visualization with ggplot2 Bug#979873: ITP: r-cran-rgooglemaps -- Overlays on Static Maps Bug#979876: ITP: r-cran-sphereplot -- Spherical plotting Bug#979881: ITP: r-cran-inlabru -- Spatial Inference using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation Bug#980019: ITP: deepin-turbo -- ​A deepin project that derives from Applauncherd Bug#980022: ITP: blur-effect -- offscreen image blurring tool Bug#980065: ITP: put-dns -- tool to simply creation of individual DNS records on external providers Bug#980078: ITP: dde-session-shell -- dde-session-shell module Bug#980091: ITP: geocube -- Tool to convert geopandas vector data into rasterized xarray data. Bug#980107: ITP: python-rioxarray -- rasterio xarray extension Bug#980113: ITP: fpzip -- Floating Point array compression library Bug#980120: RFH: ibus-keyman -- Keyman engine for IBus Bug#980131: ITP: qt-qml-models -- Additional list-type data models for QML apps Bug#980153: ITP: starjava-tjoin -- Join subclasses for Starjava table class Bug#980156: ITP: lexd -- Lexicon compiler for non-suffixational morphologies Bug#980166: ITP: r-other-inla -- integrated nested Laplace approximation Bug#980177: ITP: cyclonedds -- Eclipse Cyclone DDS implementation Bug#980179: ITP: kubecolor -- colorizes kubectl output Bug#980200: ITP: pappl -- C-based framework/library for developing CUPS Printer Applications Re: Bug#980205: installation missing "non free" drivers. Bug#980286: RFP: signald -- A daemon that facilitates communication via Signal Private Messenger Bug#980287: ITP: python-telethon -- asyncio Python 3 MTProto library Bug#980290: ITP: dde-clipboard -- DDE optional clipboard manager component Bug#980308: ITP: open-roms -- ROM files for retro computers Re: Bug#980312: RFP: gnome-notes — A note taking editor, designed for simplicity Re: Bug#980312: RFP: gnome-notes — A note taking editor, designed for simplicity Bug#980320: ITP: syncplay -- Synchronize playback of various video players via internet Bug#980416: ITP: jquery-i18n-properties -- lightweight jQuery internationalization plugin Bug#980430: ITP: r-cran-nanotime -- nanosecond resolution date and time calculations for R Bug#980432: ITP: golang-github-jhump-protoreflect -- Reflection (Rich Descriptors) for Go Protocol Buffers Bug#980433: ITP: buf -- Bug#980440: ITP: dde-control-center -- The control panel of Deepin Desktop Environment Bug#980452: ITP: aiohttp-retry -- Simple aiohttp retry client Bug#980454: ITP: golang-github-prometheus-exporter-toolkit-dev -- Go library for Prometheus exporters Bug#980462: ITP: oidc-agent -- Commandline tool for obtaining OpenID Connect Access tokens on the commandline Bug#980463: ITP: scil -- Scientific Compression Library (SCIL) Bug#980716: ITP: luma.core -- component library providing a Pillow-compatible drawing canvas Bug#980737: ITP: python-prison -- Python encoder/decoder for Rison Bug#980753: ITP: pampi -- Presentations with Markdown, Pandoc, Impress Bug#980771: ITP: luma.led-matrix -- library interfacing LED matrix displays Bug#980806: ITP: python-upsetplot -- Draw Lex et al.'s UpSet plots with Pandas and Matplotlib Bug#980874: ITP: python-cwcwidth -- Python bindings for wc(s)width Bug#980882: ITP: openiked -- Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) daemon Bug#980884: ITP: pyftdi -- user-space driver for popular FTDI devices Bug#980977: ITP: golang-github-cli-oauth -- library for performing OAuth Device flow and Web application Bug#981045: ITP: golang-github-yuin-goldmark-emoji -- Emoji extension for the goldmark markdown parser Bug#981046: ITP: basix -- Finite Element Basis Function Definition Runtime Library Bug#981064: ITP: xrprof -- External sampling profiler for R Bug#981067: ITP: python-mockito -- Spying framework for Python Re: Bug#981071: RFP: luksman -- A CLI frontend for cryptsetup for managing LUKS containers. Bug#981074: ITP: golang-github-muesli-reflow -- Collection of ANSI-aware methods Bug#981075: reportbug: Simple to-do list with a timer that keeps focus on the task. Bug#981077: ITP: request-tracker5 -- extensible trouble-ticket tracking system Bug#981090: ITP: disomaster -- A libisoburn wrapper class for Qt Bug#981107: ITP: ayatana-webmail -- Webmail notifications and actions for any desktop Bug#981109: ITP: kongress -- companion application for conferences made by KDE Bug#981111: ITP: qqc2-breeze-style -- Breeze inspired QQC2 Style Bug#981113: ITP: root -- open-source data analysis framework Bug#981121: ITP: pybonjour -- Pure-Python interface to Apple Bonjour pybonjour provides a pure-Python interface (via ctypes) to Apple Bonjour and compatible DNS-SD libraries (such as Avahi). REPO:, AUTHOR: Christopher Stawarz, AUTHOR EMAIL: Bug#981155: ITP: ruby-backport -- Ruby library for event-driven IO Bug#981176: RFP: doas -- minimal replacement for sudo Bug#981189: ITP: node-protobufjs -- pure JavaScript Protocol Buffers implementation Bug#981217: ITP: golang-github-phpdave11-gofpdf -- A PDF document generator with high level support for text, drawing and images Bug#981297: ITP: smbus2 -- another pure Python implementation of the python-smbus package Bug#981298: ITP: smbus2 -- another pure Python implementation of the python-smbus package Bug#981375: ITP: vivid -- `vivid` is a generator for the LS_COLORS environment variable. Bug#981415: ITP: golang-filippo-edwards25519 -- low-level implementation of the Ed25519 elliptic curve Bug#981455: ITP: fonts-dotgothic16 -- TrueType font based on the old 16x16 Gothic bitmap Bug#981463: ITP: fonts-rampart -- unique outline shadow font made in the image of 3-D blocks Re: Bug#[bugid]: [package]: node-uglify is deprecated in favor of uglifyjs Re: Deb conf 2021 website dovecot-antispam rebuild (or is there a way to automatically rebuild a package) Re: Epoch version for golang-github-gomodule-redigo-dev? Firmware awareness Was: Making Debian available from >3500 down to 11 (packages in bullseye not built on buildds) golang-k8s-klog -- Leveled execution logs for Go (fork of Help required to determine why some packages are being installed IBus emoji glitch improve (Re: Making Debian available) ITP: golang-github-gdamore-tcell.v2 -- Tcell is an alternate terminal package, similar in some ways to termbox, but better in others. Making Debian available Re: Making Debian available - patch for webwml Re: Making Debian available - patch for webwml v2 Re: Making Debian available, non-free promotor Re: move to merged-usr-only? Need help with getting a package to build reproducibly on arm* Network and KDE lost after testing upgrade nfs-common: recommends nonexistend package Not-Forking: automation to avoid vendoring and whole-project forks Re: On doing 3000 no-source-change source-only uploads in January 2021 Package broke in stable due to old API. Fix in stable or backports? Re: Package broke in stable due to old API. Fix in stable or backports? put-dns - Abstraction of external DNS record creation quick input request: use cases for compressed debug symbols Release plan page design Re: Release status of i386 for Bullseye and long term support for 3 years? RFC: raising ca-certificates package Priority to standard or important Re: RFC: Support for zstd in .deb packages? Salsa OIDC logins for strange BD-Uninstallable tag2upload signing failure testing/bullseye: Still installing vino when we really should be installing gnome-remote-desktop Tools to better colorize the command-line experience? Re: Updating dpkg-buildflags to enable reproducible=+fixfilepath by default uscan/watch regexp and multiple versions Videoconference today, Saturday 2021-01-02 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020)) Videoconference tomorrow, Sunday 2021-01-17 18:00 UTC (Was: For those who want to keep on contributing (Was: Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon (April 5-11, 2020)) windonesian ; /usr/share/dict/indonesian ; #979685 Work-needing packages report for Jan 1, 2021 Work-needing packages report for Jan 15, 2021 Work-needing packages report for Jan 22, 2021 Work-needing packages report for Jan 29, 2021 Work-needing packages report for Jan 8, 2021 The last update was on 13:18 GMT Sun Jan 30. 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