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Re: Network and KDE lost after testing upgrade

[This is more appropriate for debian-user, adding to Cc:]

On Du, 10 ian 21, 20:08:31, Xavier wrote:
> Thanks, network-manager is still there but I have to launch it manually,

And does it work correctly when starting it manually?

> systemd-network.service is launched but no link are launched. Using
> `networkctl`, it seems that all interfaces configurations are lost.

Well, Network Manager and systemd-networkd are completely different 
softwares, and it's probably best use only one or the other.

> In
> the same time, I can't launch a kde session, I can launch LXQt but only
> a few things work (launchbar does not respond to any mouse click, I can
> just launch apps using Alt-F2
> Looking at aptitude logs, no package were removed.

What about added? What packages were updated? Is the system otherwise ok 
(fsck, etc.)? Is there anything special about the system (hardware, 
software, etc.)?

Kind regards,

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