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Re: About lintian


On Tue, 19 Jan 2021, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> > Can you expand on the kind of features that ci.debian.net offers and what
> > kind of mistakes we would likely avoid by reusing it?
> To name a few:
> - distributed processing
> - data retention policies
> - web interface

Thanks for your answer!

> - monitoring

What do you monitor?

> > From my own usage in Kali (autopkgtest.kali.org), I noticed you can't
> > even request to test a specific version of a package... you get whatever
> > version is available in the specific mirror that you are using for your
> > test, even if it's not (yet) in sync with the one used by the code that
> > requested that job.
> autopkgtest does not support that, so debci doesn't offer it as well.

I see where you are coming from but I consider autopkgtest as the backend
and you feed it the packages and you get the results. You can feed the
packages directly or you can tell it to fetch them from a mirror, IMO
it's still the responsibility of the caller (debci) to feed the right
package to test.

> I didn't say it was ready for it now, but that it could be done.


> My hope is that this, and other use cases, could be enabled by
> collaborating on existing infrastructure, instead of creating yet
> another one.

In general I agree with the need to collaborate more and not redo
everything but to be honest, at least for me, the fact that it's
written in Ruby and not Python makes it unlikely that I will contribute
to it.

For better or worse, the amount of Debian infrastructure built around
Python is growing and I think it would be best if such a core part could
be Python-based too. I really believe it's a "core" part because it ought
to be able to handle package building too...

At while ago, I started to draft a specification in this project:

Unfortunately, it's vaporware as I don't have time to invest into it.
Though I'm considering to put money towards its development through

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