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Re: testing/bullseye: Still installing vino when we really should be installing gnome-remote-desktop

On Sun, 17 Jan 2021 at 05:01:30 +0000, Philip Wyett wrote:
> Installing Debian testing and now also using bullseye-DI-alpha3, the
> default desktop install/gnome is still installing vino and not
> installing gnome-remote-desktop by default.

The version of meta-gnome3 in GNOME team git Suggests gnome-remote-desktop
and does not have a dependency relationship with vino, although nobody
has got round to uploading this change yet.

If you are interested in remote desktop support, your help with testing
and if necessary backporting gnome-remote-desktop changes would be welcome
(we have the latest upstream release, but there have been various commits
upstream since then, and I don't have a good picture of which if any are
important). At the moment it's only a Suggests for the gnome metapackage,
because I'm not sure how mature it is.

The Pipewire-based/Wayland-compatible stack does support other
implementations of remote desktop viewing/control: if web browsers are
linked to Pipewire client libraries, then web APIs can provide desktop
sharing, for example on videoconferencing platforms.

I've been sporadically uploading Pipewire because nobody else was doing it,
but I am absolutely not an expert on Pipewire, and I would be delighted for
someone else to take over.


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