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Re: Making Debian available

Kudos for your very fine summary, Bjørn!

I don't know if the proposal to place non-free things into the Debian
installation image will be accepted.  But if it is not, here is another
proposal that would clearly separate the free from the non-free:

The installation image remains 100% free.  But at some point the
installer asks the user if they wish to add another media containing
software.  Users would then be able to put another CD or USB key (for
example) containing a bundle of non-free drivers.

Bundles of non-free drivers would be generated regularly and provided on
a webpage which clearly indicates the downsides of having non-free
software installed.  But it could give a clear tutorial on how to copy
the bundle to a USB key and how to tell the debian-installer to use it.

Fabrice Bauzac-Stehly
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