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Re: Release status of i386 for Bullseye and long term support for 3 years?

On Sat, Dec 12, 2020, at 13:09, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> 3. Computers that do support MMX and SSE2, but do not support 64bit.

The "Centrino" Pentium-M that you can find on a reasonably lot of still-working ThinkPads (the T4x series and similar X/R series of the time), for example.  Note that this is "family 6" Pentium-M processors, not "family 15" Pentium4-M.

I wouldn't mind the "i386" port baseline bumped up to i686-with-SSE2 (and MMX), with gcc configured accordingly: I recall some reports that telling gcc to use SSE2 really improved several workloads.  But I am fine keeping the status-quo of current i686 baseline as well: requiring SSE2 would kick out a non-trivial number of non-Intel processor models, I think we went over this the last time a "i386" baseline bump was considered.

  Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org>

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