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Re: Making Debian available

On 22/01 08:30, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> Taking away the choice for users who care about software freedom to
> opt out of non-free content in the installer and find alternative
> options would be a loss of freedom, in service of convenience for
> users who aren't as invested in trying to minimize their use of
> non-free software.

Having the option to opt-out firmware during the installation procedure
seems reasonable to me, and I don't think anyone was suggesting

The situation we are in today is very different though: we build a
Defective by Design image that fails to install Debian on lots of
computers because it does not include the firmware most WiFi cards need
to function. If we were to make a mistake and accidentally include such
firmware, people would be able to use what we publish on www.debian.org
under the large "Download" button to install Debian on their Thinkpads,
and we would consider that a problem. That's insane.

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