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Re: About lintian


On 17/01/21 at 22:00 +0900, Norbert Preining wrote:
> On the infrastructure side, you mentioned on #debian-qa that in your
> opinion, lintian is best run in a CI pipeline instead of on the
> lintian.d.o service. While this is certainly true, do you plan to keep
> the functionality on your rework of lintian.d.o?
> As part of this rework and the ongoing development, you said you have plans
> to set up a test version of the Lintian web application on non-Debian
> infrastructure. How is that going, Felix? Please if you need help or support,
> don't hesitate to reach out.

I agree that a service that provides an overview of the status regarding
lintian for the whole archive would be useful (for example, to identify
packages that need some area of work inside a team).

If there's a lack of interest/motivation to redesign lintian.d.o as a
standalone service, maybe a simpler architecture to explore would be to
build it on top of UDD (with lintian runners feeding a table in UDD
directly). That would make it possible to simplify most of the web stuff
(and of course would still allow exporting to other services that need
the data). I would be quite motivated to work on that.


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