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Re: put-dns - Abstraction of external DNS record creation

On Sun, 2021-01-03 at 08:11 +0200, Steve Kemp wrote:
> It's an interesting idea, but I suspect in order to be useful it will
> need to handle a wider number of sites.
> There are several projects out there which attempt to abstract DNS
> entries across systems, allowing you to mirror zones, etc.  For
> example you might consult:
> https://github.com/octodns/octodns
> Steve
Thank you, Octodns looks very interesting, although it seems to be
aimed at rolling out a full set of DNS records for a domain, whereas
for a use in a Debian package it would be more a case of adding, for
example an SRV record in the postinst, so that the user did not have do
do that by hand.

It does have a nice collection of providers, and it would be good to be
able to use them to add a single record without replacing the entire
zone, which may be possible, with some further investigation.


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