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Re: Network and KDE lost after testing upgrade

Le 10/01/2021 à 17:07, Andrius Merkys a écrit :
> Hi Xavier,
> On Sun, 10 Jan 2021, 14:56 Xavier, <yadd@debian.org
> <mailto:yadd@debian.org>> wrote:
>     After a testing update and a reboot, I lost (at least) network and KDE
>     sessions. Is there a known issue?
> This week I had network-manager removed by an upgrade on unstable, might
> be related. I don't know about the issue, but installing network-manager
> from .deb fixed it.
> Andrius

Thanks, network-manager is still there but I have to launch it manually,
systemd-network.service is launched but no link are launched. Using
`networkctl`, it seems that all interfaces configurations are lost. In
the same time, I can't launch a kde session, I can launch LXQt but only
a few things work (launchbar does not respond to any mouse click, I can
just launch apps using Alt-F2

Looking at aptitude logs, no package were removed.

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