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About lintian

Dear Felix, Chris,

(please Cc, I am not subscribed to d-d)

Here are a few questions regarding Lintian past and upcoming changes,
both as tool as well as infrastructure.

In the past year, many changes in lintian tag names occurred, along with some
tag removals. While it seems quite normal for lintian as a tool to evolve a
lot, with the upcoming freeze, do you see a reasonable time frame during which
these kind of changes could be postponed to help people having lintian-clean
packages remain lintian-clean till after release?

On the infrastructure side, you mentioned on #debian-qa that in your
opinion, lintian is best run in a CI pipeline instead of on the
lintian.d.o service. While this is certainly true, do you plan to keep
the functionality on your rework of lintian.d.o?

As part of this rework and the ongoing development, you said you have plans
to set up a test version of the Lintian web application on non-Debian
infrastructure. How is that going, Felix? Please if you need help or support,
don't hesitate to reach out.

Last, but clearly not least, a small disclaimer for debian-devel@. The
intention of this mail is to understand the current Lintian's maintainers POV
on what Lintian is and should be in their opinion, and potentially discuss it
should some people expect it to evolve differently.

While writing this mail, I'm aware of its potential for flaming discussions or
exhausting arguments. I tried to have it written the best possible way to avoid
that (and sorry in advance if I failed at it).

I send it to -devel because there are many Lintian users among us, and
henceforth, many interested parties. Please try avoiding making this thread a
harsh discussion.

Thanks in advance!

(Reminder: please Cc, I am not subscribed to d-d)

(and a team of lintian enthusiasts)

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