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Re: Making Debian available

On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 09:57:31AM +0100, Holger Wansing wrote:
> Hi,
> Timo Lindfors <timo.lindfors@iki.fi> wrote:
> > 
> > On Sun, 17 Jan 2021, Marc Haber wrote:
> > > Absolutely. The Installation Experience is one of the first contacts
> > > with the distribution for most people¹, and since we all know that the
> > 
> > Yep. I think using the live environment for installation could be more 
> > user-friendly as the user is already familiar with how to use e.g. USB drive or 
> > browser during the installation if they need to search for help or copy 
> > some additional firmware files. The number of people who know how to do 
> > this in the current d-i images is much lower since you'd need to use the 
> > command-line with a really restricted set of tools.
> Hmm, AFAICS the calamares installer does not include functionality to
> pull non-free firmware.
> At least I cannot see a checkbox or similar, where to activate/deactivate
> such feature / where to enable non-free...
*The* Debian installer is the original text/gtk installer, if you will and is 
the installer most of us use to install Debian.

The debian images team maintain this on Debian images and it's the installer updated with every
point release.

The Calamares installer is a cross-distro installer. It is maintained by the 
debian-live team (currently highvoltage and others, I think).We know that the 
Calamares installer can be problematic for low memory installs.

The pointers to the Debian image on the Debian front page (and the discussion 
about standard/installer with firmware) relate to the non-live Debian installer.

If we want the Calamares image to include firmware - that's a matter for debian-live, I think.

Andy C

> Or did I miss something?
> Holger
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