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Re: About lintian

Hi Felix,

thanks for your email, and no worry about sending it late, we are all

> Due to the number of messages already posted in this thread, I will
> respond—with the best of ability—to each message separately.

Thanks, I will only go into answer those items that I find here.

> Thank you also for being cautious about people's emotions. I endure a
> fair amount of abuse for working on Lintian and am likewise reluctant
> to discuss it in such a broad forum, but here we are.

Well, because lintian is such a core part of Debian (think auto-reject
on ftp-master ..) that many people have strong feelings about it.

> While we often change tag names (or combine tags etc.), the majority
> of the renames people talk about seems to stem from two bug reports by

I cannot quantify it now, but I have been working on Qt/KDE which is a
huge set of packages, and in the last months we had to change/update
lintian overrides quite often. If you want, I can check our git repos
for the respective commits and summarize the changes we had.

> I am totally open to suggestions, although I think that being
> "Lintian-clean" is overrated. My goal is not to point out faults like

Might be that *you* think it is overrated, but at least in our group we
are striving for making packages lintian clean, and putting the
necessary tags into lintian.overrides. I think this is good practice,
because putting relevant stuff into lintian.overrides allows us to
document *why* we override it, and not simply ignore it.

> I am also not sure that a tag rename by itself could ever trigger new
> tags, i.e taint a package that was previously "Lintian-clean".

It can, due to the lintian override tag not matching anymore. Some of
the tags don't have their old names accepted, too, and some have changed
the format of the lintian message, that means that suddently there are
- warning about unmatched overrides
- new warnings/errors

That is what I personally would like *not* to see at least till after

> With tongue in cheek, I may one day add a voting system for the
> funniest, or perhaps the most bogus, override comment.

All for it!

> In any event, the Lintian job on Salsa broke when the (privileged)

Honestly, I don't use the lintian on Salsa, and the whole Salsa CI seems
currently broken at least in Qt/KDE Team packages. I always get failure
messages, but don't have the time nor energy to investigate this.

So for me, lintian is what is run:
	- after gbp buildpackage (automatically)
	- after building binary packages in clean chroot
	- before signing and uploading a package
So all *my* usage is on my computer, and I care far less on web
interface, CI integration, etc. But I am more than happy to see all the
features for those who want to use them.

Again, thanks for your detailed answers and all the best


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