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Re: Release plan page design

Hi Aaron,

On 14-01-2021 09:23, Aaron Dewes wrote:
> Here is the CSS:
> table, td, tr, th {
>     text-align: center;
>     border: 1.0px solid black;
>     padding: 0.25rem;
>     border-collapse: collapse;
> }
> th {
>     background: rgb(226,226,226);
>     padding: 0.5rem;
> }
> I'm not sure about how to add this to the markdown, can you tell me how
> to do that?

Turns out that there is already a style sheet used:
https://release.debian.org/gfx/revamp.css (It's added via

Can you check if you believe that CSS should see updates?


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