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Bug#979646: ITP: thola -- A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices.

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: thola team <debian@thola.io>

* Package name    : thola
  Version         : 0.1.3
  Upstream Author : thola team <debian@thola.io>
* URL             : https://thola.io/
* License         : BSD-2-Clause License
  Programming Lang: Go
  Description     : A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices.

A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices written in Go.
It features a check mode which complies with the monitoring plugins development guidelines and is therefore compatible with Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, Checkmk, etc.

thola currently has three main modes of operation with various subcommands:

identify automatically identifies the device and outputs its vendor, model and other properties.
read - reads out values and statistics of the device.
  read available-components - returns the available components for the device.
  read interfaces - outputs the interfaces with several values like error counters and statistics.
  read count-interfaces - counts the interfaces.
  read cpu-load - returns the current cpu load of all CPUs.
  read memory-usage - reads out the current memory usage.
  read ups - outputs the special values of a UPS device.
check - performs checks that can be used in monitoring systems. Output is by default in check plugin format.
  check identify - compares the device properties with given expectations.
  check snmp - checks SNMP reachability.
  check interface-metrics - outputs performance data for the interfaces, including special values based on the interface type (e.g. Radio Interface).
  check cpu-load - checks the average CPU load of all CPUs against given thresholds and outputs the current load of all CPUs as performance data.
  check memory-usage - checks the current memory usage against given thresholds.
  check ups - checks if a UPS device has its main voltage applied and outputs additional performance data like battery capacity or current load, and compares them to optionally given thresholds.
  check metrics - outputs all possible metrics.
  check thola-server - checks reachability of a Thola API.

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