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Re: Bug#978636: move to merged-usr-only?

On Jan 02, Matthias Klumpp <matthias@tenstral.net> wrote:

> You wouldn't have to depend on PackageKit, the offline-upgrades stuff
> can be implemented by other tools that aren't PK as well (you could
> pretty much use the same mechanism, with some safeguards to not
> interfere with PK/GNOME). However, ensuring that no service with
> ProtectSystem starts may be a problem, as that feature is used quite
> extensively by services that are part of the systemd project, and I
> don't know whether it is possible to exclude them all from a potential
> usrmerge target without causing other problems.
I am not even sure that this is still an issue: Michael Biebl and me did 
a few tests (Debian 10, testing and Ubuntu 20.04) and convert-usrmerge 
never failed.

Is anybody actually able to reproduce that on a Debian >= 10 system?
Again, nothing bad will happen if you try and trigger that code path: 
just follow the instructions that will tell you to reboot the system and 
then run convert-usrmerge again.


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