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dovecot-antispam rebuild (or is there a way to automatically rebuild a package)


I'm watching dovecot's progress through unstable [1] and it's blocked by
dovecot-antispam [2].  If I understand correctly, it's because
dovecot-antispam depends on dovecot-abi-2.3.abiv11, which is not provided
by the new version of dovecot-core (which instead provides a new abi
virtual package dovecot-abi-2.3.abiv13).  That dependency, however, is
determined at dovecot-antispam build time, so it should naturally
resolve itself.

It seems to me that what should ideally happen is:

1. New version of dovecot gets uploaded
2. dovecot-antispam gets rebuilt (automatically?)
3. enough time passes
4. dovecot and dovecot-antispam migrate to testing together

Is this correct?  If so, what mechanism triggers the rebuild of dovecot-antispam,
and why hasn't it already happened?  If not, what action should be taken?

More importantly, where is this all documented? 


[1] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/dovecot
[2] https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/dovecot-antispam

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