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Salsa OIDC logins for debtags.debian.org


I've enabled Salsa OIDC logins for debtags.debian.org.

There may be a few sharp edges that still need filing. For example, I'm
not satisfied by the usernames we currently get, but it's a start.

On debtags's side, I could use help from a DD with doing regular uploads
of tags from the site to the archive.

It's basically a script that needs running plus a GPG signature and a
dput, but it needs to be done routinely, and I routinely miss doing
that. If you're interested, get in touch and we can go through the
script to make it work on your system.

I've attempted a few times to work with ftp-master to get dak to pull
data from debtags.debian.org directly, and even though it doesn't look
like a complicated issue, it looks like it's low priority enough that
every attempt got stuck so far.


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