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Re: Making Debian available, non-free promotor

On 29/01/2021 03:23, Yao Wei wrote:

Could there be the way that, with installer unable to connect to the
internet, it detects the list of missing blobs, and generate a webpage
in the thumb drive, and let user plug in another flash drive to download

I agree with this idea, it would be really helpful, in fact the step in the installer that asks for a driver disk could perhaps be removed, So in terms of extra steps remove one, add this.

Perhaps however as there is also an automated install / unintended install option this could be part of that too so subsequent installs could pull in the extra drivers once downloaded.


At then, we can let users download the missing drivers from the
generated webpage, like the following:

Additional packages for the network interface

As Debian is the universal operating system, we consider both users
and free software important.  However, the network device of the
computer requires firmware that is not available in the installation
media, because these are considered non-free according to our

We encourage you to get devices that respects your freedom.

Meanwhile, you can either try another device that's known good using
only free software, or download the .deb package(s) linked below and
put into the same place this file resides:


- for: Network Controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 8265 / 8275
- https://packages.debian.org/bullseye/firmware-iwlwifi

I realize that it is an additional step that may stop users from using
Debian.  But if we do not want to lower the priority of free software in
favor to the user, we have to increase the usability for people with
non-free devices in DFSG-only realm.

Just 2 cents,
Yao Wei

Paul Sutton
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