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Re: Making Debian available

On Sun, 24 Jan 2021 11:08:56 -0500, John Scott <jscott@posteo.net>
>1. Unlike with SSD firmware, there are wireless cards that use libre firmware 
>and some are still manufactured and quite easy to attain. The goalpost for 
>free software moves with what has been achieved.
>One used to have to accept using a proprietary BIOS, but not anymore; 
>Coreboot/Libreboot have pushed that boundary, so now it's been realized as 
>something attainable. When the first libre SSD comes out, then we can worry 
>about SSD freedom, because then we'll be able to lend our support.

Okay. What you're saying is: "Debian, your universal operating system
that only works if you use ten year old hardware after serious

This is as far away from a useable system like a 1988 Diesel Engine
from modern pollution standards.

As Philipp said correctly, super interesting from a research point of
view, but inacceptable to a mere user.

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