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Re: Making Debian available

On Sat, 16 Jan 2021 10:58:33 +0000, "Andrew M.A. Cater"
<amacater@einval.com> wrote:
>Video drivers: we have some basic video modes that work for text mode on 
>nearly all cards / embedded chipsets. Other than that, almost everything 
>requires a non-free driver. AMD/Intel/Nvidia are all, in their own ways, 
>equally bad. Video chipsets change fairly frequently: invariably, newest 
>laptops are always a pain.  

I have not needed a single non-free video driver since I ditched the
nVidia Accident that I bought in 2008 to have dual DVI output.

The only non-free thing I _need_ is network/wifi firmware and
microcode. I do not even know whethre my video cards require firmware
downloads to work.

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