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Help required to determine why some packages are being installed


tl;dr: we the Qt maintainers need help to find out why some users
upgrading from stable / reinstalling packages get libqt5quick5-gles
instead of libqt5quick5.

Long story: some months ago my team mate Dmitry Shachnev managed to
get two flavours of Qt: the normal one with OpenGL support and the new
one with GLES support.


  (If you care about the details I strongly recommend reading the
above blog post)

So most packages now have an alternative dependency like libqt5gui5
(>= 5.x) | libqt5gui5-gles (>= 5.x). The strange thing is that *some*
users upgrading from stable or reinstalling packages [1] get the -gles
variant instead of the non-gles one by default. This causes bugs like

So far we couldn't reproduce the issue so we are kindly asking for
your help in order to determine what's causing this behavior.

Thanks in advance, Lisandro.

[1] There are some other cases in

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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