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Re: Making Debian available

On 2021-01-24 01:49:28 +0500 (+0500), Andrey Rahmatullin wrote:
> As is often mentioned, researching is not very helpful when you
> want WiFi. And people who are fine with severely crippling their
> computers for FSF reasons should probably be some non-default
> niche with separate considerations (or just use FSF-blessed
> distros, which don't and likely won't include Debian anyway).

I really love that you feel obliged to tell me and others interested
in software freedom that they should go away because they're not
welcome in *your* Debian. I've personally never mentioned the FSF,
I'm not an FSF member, I'm not even particularly convinced by their
"copyleft is superior to permissive" arguments. The exaggeration
fallacy being employed by you and others in this hampers civilized
discussion of the issues experienced by users, whether they're
seeking a means of minimizing their dependence on proprietary
software or just looking for something easy to install. I honestly
should be insulted by your assertion that anyone who doesn't abandon
the DFSG is "crippling their computers" (for a number of reasons
beyond the fact that by employing that word you're maligning anyone
with a physical handicap by comparing them to what you see as
defective equipment).

Let's please stay focused on facts, and not devolve further into
such argumentum ad hominem.
Jeremy Stanley

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