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Re: Bug#980205: installation missing "non free" drivers.

Control: reassign -1 debian-installer


The installer including firmware is probably easier to use if firmware 
is needed during the install.

On Vi, 15 ian 21, 20:04:44, Dave Dyer wrote:
> package: installer
> Installing on an old x86 cpu which requires "non free" drivers, the
> installer correctly quotes the needed driver's name.  Bravo. but...
> 1) it suggests adding removable media, which is basically impossible
> in the context of the installer running from a memory stick
> 2) it doesn't tell you in what path on the media to place the driver.
> I still don't know what path would be appropriate if I could figure out how
> and where to mount an additional memory stick where it would be seen,
> but if (instead) I go back and insert the file on the installer stick
> memory stick, it apparently has to go in /firmware
> 3) in my particular case, the driver is brcm/brcmfmac43340-sdio.bin, which
> *also* requires a text file, brcm/brcmfmac43340-sdio.txt.  I know this because
> I figured out case 2B and got the installer to accept the .bin; it then
> it mentions the need for the .txt file.  (Again, thanks, it would have
> been impossible to proceed without this key information).  However,
> there's apparently no way to get the installer to accept the .txt
> file in the same way that it finds the .bin.
> 4) a workaround, if you can complete the installation without
> the network working, is to copy both files into /lib/firmware/ and
> magically the network will work.
> --
> This whole process is very user unfriendly - especially for for 
> the case of a novice user (I'm not) trying to install linux for
> the first time.  Rather than trying to put the whole book of 
> possibilities in the installer, how about if such messages were
> accompanied by links pointing to detailed explanations.

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